Toolz Agility Grid Set

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Toolz Agility Grid Set

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Toolz Agility Grid Set

The Toolz Agility Grid Set is the versatile training device for maximum game fun and maximum training effect at the same time. You can design your training individually and train your physical abilities effectively.

The coordination elements can be plugged together at will to create a variety of slaloms and hurdle sets. With the help of the 6 clips, the poles can be fixed horizontally, allowing you to perform numerous jumping, sprinting and running combinations to train your coordination, agility and endurance. You can run forward, backward or sideways through the individual patterns or jump, which can bring another training impulse. The crossbars can be attached at an individual height, making them ideal for children's training, as children can playfully climb through the elements or play through balls.

Rods: Approx. 100 cm long consisting of soft material to prevent possible injuries to children. At the same time so robust that the bars cannot break through.

Stand: Robust foot with several holes for fixing the poles in all directions.

Clips: Easy, quick and uncomplicated to attach the poles to create different exercises and challenges.

Bag: The included bag makes the set easy to transport and store.


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