Trion:Z Acti Loop Magnetic Wristband

Trion:Z Acti Loop Magnetic Wristband

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Trion:Z Acti Loop Magnetic Wristband

The ACTI-LOOP wristband contains powerful negative ion producing materials in the pod and patented ANSPO magnetic technology, working together to produce the most powerful product of its type on the market today.

Perfect for a clean, comfortable and stylish design, which is protected in all weather conditions.

• Flexible, transparent and waterproof silicone band in a dual loop style, ideal for an active lifestyle
• Available in 3 colours and sizes to suit all
• Polarized Pod Capsule containing 3 x 1,000 Gauss Magnets with Trion:Z patented ANSPO technology
• Over 1,500 negative ions per second.

16 cm (6.3")18cm (7.1")20cm (7.9")

Trion:Z products incorporate the patented Colantotte Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation™ technology system (ANSPO) which uses powerful ferrite magnets, a process medically referred to as anisotropy.

The value of the Unique North/South Polarity Reversal can be summarised in three simple points:

- Larger magnetic coverage
- Stronger and longer lasting results
- Increased surface coverage
- Conventional health companies utilise magnets with poles of the same polarity and which are adjacently aligned, causing counter effective magnetism as the same poles repel each other.

The Trion:Z range of magnetic ionic wristbands has a host of fans from sporting and medical professionals to everyday users, who rely on the bracelets to help improve their general wellbeing by alleviating everyday aches and pains, improving circulation and balance and reducing symptoms of conditions such as arthritis, tennis elbow, and osteoporosis.

These products are used by huge numbers of sportsmen across a wide range of sports including Athletes, Triathletes, Coaches, Trainers and Players.
Over 250 Tour Golfers both male and female across all major tours who have achieved an incredible record of over 218 tour wins including a number of majors. And, they have appeared on both sides in competitions such as the Ryder Cup, Walker Cup and Solheim Cup.


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