Quick Rules

Here are the basics to get you started in the game of Padel:

  • The points system is the same as tennis, the first point is “15", second “30", third “40" and fourth “game". If both teams reach 40, then “deuce" will be called. The game must then be won by two clear points.
  • The set is won by the first team to six games. By a clear margin of 2 games.
  • Serves must be below waist height to the receiver's box diagonally. The ball must bounce once before it is hit. Second serves will be granted if the ball does not land in the receiver's box.
  • If the serve hits the wall before the ground, it is out.
  • Each player receives the serve alternatively.
  • A pair may only hit the ball once before it goes over the net
  • The ball may only bounce once on the ground before being returned.
  • Points are lost if the ball bounces twice on the ground, is returned before it goes over the net, or if two faults are served.
  • If a ball splits or if play is interrupted then the point may be repeated.

That should be enough to get you started and on the courts, but for more details of the rules of play, have a look at the British Padel page here.
And for the complete rules and regulations of Padel, download a copy of the International Padel Federation's Regulations Here.

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