Bullpadel Vertex 02 Padel Racket (2019)

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Bullpadel Vertex 02 Padel Racket (2019)

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Bullpadel Vertex 02 Padel Racket (2019)

The innovative frame Vertex and new Xtend Carbon 12K composition provide maximum power and great control. Blackeva rubber provides an excellent gameplay. Metalshield ultralight metal protector. Vibradrive polymer parts provide vibration damping. Besides TOPSPIN rough finishing improves ball effects.

Incorporate Hesacore consists in innovative grip, its honeycomb design creates more contact between the hand and the racket. It allows the fingers to rest on
the concave surfaces, reducing stress, transmission of vibrations and injuries. Provides greater comfort, more power and more control.

The new weight plate system developed by Bullpadel, which allows you to modify the weight and balance of the racket, achieving greater control,
power or balance depending on the needs of each player. This system is divided into ProtectorCustomWeight, which consists of the system of 3
plates that are placed on the protector; and GripCustomWeight, system of 1 cap that is placed on the cuff with different weights.

Maxi Sánchez's racket. nº 1 World Padel Tour ranking.

Juan Tello's racket. nº 17 World Padel Tour ranking.

Type of player: Adult expert
Outer core: Xtend Carbon 12K
Inner core: BlackEva
Material: Tubular 100% carbon + metal frame protector

Weight 365-380g
Balance High
Headshape Diamond
Beam 38mm

Xtend Carbon 12K

Xtend Carbon fiber is characterized by using tapes instead of carbon threads. These tapes are biaxially interwoven. Thanks to this you get more resistance, more rigidity and most importantly, less weight. This new compound is 20-30% lighter than the common carbon fiber.

Carbon Tube

The entire collection of Bullpadel rackets are constructed with TPFCT technology. It consists in the construction of the racket frame with 100% carbon bidirectional interlaced. This construction provides maximum mechanical response to our rackets ensuring a perfect compromise between power and control.


Black Eva rubber was developed with specific density and elasticity to give the player maximum comfort and sensation in the hit. The composition provides high memory rubber maintaining the same recovery and rebound parameters over the time.

Metal Shield

The Metal Shield protector frame is made of aluminium alloy, which provides great impact resistance and very low weight. Protecting the frame from structural and surface impacts during the game. It is stuck to the frame with a special high consistency adhesive which avoids drilling holes in the frame which can effect performance.


The Nerve system is based on the creation of channels on the frame side, with the aim of increasing the rigidity while reducing the weight. We get more control in volleys and in general more powerful strokes.


Vibradrive is a mounting system in which a highly elastic rubber piece is sandwiched dividing the handle in half. This piece absorbs most of the vibrations in the game, especially on off-center hits.


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