Starvie Basalto Padel Racket (2019)

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Starvie Basalto Padel Racket (2019)

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StarVie Basalto Padel Racket

A Padel designed for technical players with a good wrist who look for accuracy in their strokes. This model is the perfect balance between power and control over the ball .


  • The Basalt stands out in its composition , which guarantees that the padel has greater strength and durability, even at high temperatures.
  • Greater control in the blow without penalizing the power thanks to the combination of Basalt and Carbon Fiber.
  • Surprising rugged relief of the plane in the form of a star, which allows the player the possibility of giving effects with greater precision.
  • It has a round shape , so that the optimal point of the blow is located in the center of the plane



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